Bulletin Board

Union Township

5020 Fife Lake Rd.  Fife Lake, Michigan 49633

Phone: 231-369-3261

Office Location

Union Township officers maintain their offices in their own homes.

Office Hours

Hours for the Clerk and Treasurer will be by appointment only or as   required by law. The Supervisor shall be available for business at any  reasonable hour of the day. 

(Not to exceed 9:00 PM)      


The Township Board will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at  7:00 PM at the Union Township Hall unless otherwise posted at such hall.

The Annual meeting and Budget Hearing will be held on the third Tuesday in March at 7:00 PM at the Union Township Hall. 

Planning Commission will  meet on the fourth Tuesday of January, March, May, July, Sept, and  November at 7:00 PM at the Union Township Hall, all unless otherwise  posted at such Hall.



Douglas Mansfield 231-218-5560 


Sheryl Tillitson 231-369-3341 


Constance Stone 231-369-2482 


Edward Tillitson 231-369-3341 


Nancy Wieland 231-409-1458

2017-18 Fee Schedule

Cost for outside legal, engineering or other like review pursuant to any of the above permit application shall be the responsibility of the applicant.